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Open Call: BYOB

venerdì, 15 settembre 2023

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Byob (Bring Your Own Beamer), the format born in Berlin, lands in Sicily for the first time. On Friday 29 September, starting from 10pm, the headquarters of the ExKarcere social center (Via S. Basilio 17) will host an evening of visual art and music, curated by Causingfest, whose ambient sounds will be the backdrop to the projections of the 9 artists who will participate in the Open Call announced by Sichro.

Play by breaking into the space and creating a unique atmosphere, let the images come out of the screen to illuminate the walls of the courtyard of the former convent, the evocative location of the event. There are no limits to what you can project, without constraints on theme, duration and format. The projections are flexible and aim to create a collaborative and dynamic experience, where everyone can find their own space or communicate with those of the other participants, intertwining, overlapping and creating new and unexpected harmonies. There are no rules, participating in BYOB is easy, fun, stress-free and completely free. BYOB is spontaneity and experimentation. BYOB is love for moving light, sound and performance.

Born in 2010 in Berlin, from an idea by Rafaël Rozendaal, BYOB stands for "bring your own beamer". The rules are simple: you choose a place, you bring your projector with you, and you have fun projecting images, blending them, distorting them. Sichro: is a Sicilian artistic resilience collective, which aims to create a multidisciplinary cultural hub, in which all the applied arts converge to support each other, guaranteeing maximum expressive freedom to each. Sichro is experimentation, which arises from the discussion and personal research of each member, to whom the collective offers every possible means and support for the discovery, re-elaboration and application of their own expressive languages. Sichro supports the emergence of Sicilian artists in the local and Italian scene.

Deadline: 20.09.2023