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Open Call: Mapsion Projection Mapping Competition

mercoledì, 23 agosto 2023

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Mapsion videomapping contest 2023 Vuojoen Kartano, Eurajoki, Finland


Mapsion Festival is an international festival of videomapping held on October 14th, 2023 at the Vuojoki Mansion and surroundings.

Mansion of Vuojoki is a renowned one of the most beautiful empire-style mansions in Finland built at 1836. Participants will have a great chance to show their artworks on the main facade. Facade is 30m long and 15m high.

Terms and Conditions

Technical specifications


Within the range of 2-7 minutes.


Resolution: 1920x1200 px Codec: HAP / DVX / MP4 / MOV

Frames per second: 30 fps


WAV 48kHz, 16Bit, Stereo(can be integrated into the video file and supplied as a separate track)

File name:


The content and technical parameters of the contest entry shall be verified by the Organizer.
The 20 (or more) contest entries approved shall be displayed at the venue of the Contest.
The Organizer leaves the right to deny the contestant without any explanation.
All the qualified videos shall be projected outside of the venue and filmed by the organizer, and send back for the artist for use as an reference for the future.


The Contest Jury

The Jury is formed by the Organizer to evaluate the Contestants.
The Jury consists of prominent experts and professionals in the field of art from Finland and other countries. The decision shall be announced at the award ceremony.
The contest entries shall not be reviewed or returned.

Information related to the board of judges, executive committee and other participants of the MAPSION Festival will be available on its official web sources.


Money Prizes

Total prize pool: 3000€

1st place – 1500€

2nd place – 1000€

3rd place – 500€


Information on filling out the application and contest stages

By October 5, 2023 (before 23:59, CET+2)
- fill out the application form and send us a presentation and downloadable link to your work. Include 3 high resolution pictures of you work and your Instagram handle. (you can find link to the materials and website below...)

Rights and Guarantees
The following rights shall be granted to the Organizer:

1. introduce changes in the contest entry upon his discretion to best suit the screening process, namely adjusting brightness, contrast, color tone, volume control, etc.

2. To demonstrate the contest entry at selected venues, broadcast any related materials on TV and online platforms both in Finland and abroad over an indefinite period of time to promote the event.

3. To record videos or take photos of the contest entry preserving the rights to any such videos or photos, to use them in part or in full for media coverage or promotion purposes, and to store them over an indefinite period of time.

4. To place the Contest/Festival logo, name or other credentials in any contest entry upon its submission.

5. To use the contest entry in full or in part by any means chosen without the Contestant’s consent for media coverage and promotion purposes by the Organizer, sponsors and any authorized party.

The Contestant remains the sole copyright holder to the contest entry submitted and guarantees his/her consent to any of the above.


Contest Rules and Prohibitions

The Contestant shall comply to the following:
1. Any content of the contest entry has no part of the Contest template.

2. The contest entry adheres to the set technical parameters and is submitted before the deadline.

3. All the damages or errors in the contest entry are eliminated.
4. The materials submitted contain no discrimination messages of political, religious, racial or any other nature.

5. No copyright or other rights of the third party are violated. The Contestant is not involved in any dispute related to such violation. In the event of any dispute, the Contestant shall solely bear all the responsibility for its settlement, including all the fees and charges incurred.

6. The content of the contest entry shall be adopted given the peculiarities of the audience for the people of all ages could enjoy the Contest/Festival.

7. Any contest entry violating any rights of the third party shall be disqualified, its award or prize, if any, shall be deemed void and returned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email:

Good luck for the competition!!